About Innovative Foot Relief

Innovative Foot Relief is a Pedorthic facility that will take care of all of your foot health needs. Our dedicated team of certified pedorthists and pedorthic lab technicians utilize over 30 years of professional experience to craft the best custom orthotics on the market. The world of pedorthics is constantly evolving and our lab remains on top of the developments in the field to assure that we are employing the most modern technology accessible to create a custom solution for you.

Certified Pedorthist

A Certified Pedorthist is a health professional who is trained to assess
patients, formulate and implement a treatment plan and follow-up with

What qualifies someone to be a credentialed pedorthist?

People coming into pedorthics study foot and lower limb anatomy; pathology;

biomechanics, which involves human locomotion; gait analysis; footwear
fitting; lower extremity orthotic design, fabrication and materials; shoe
construction and modification; and patient/practice management. In addition,
most seek non-academic experience under the supervision of a credentialed
pedorthist to familiarize themselves with pedorthic approaches, terminology
and techniques. After studying and being mentored, they attend specific
pedorthic courses which are prerequisites for their certification examination.
Credentialed pedorthists maintain their certification by following continuing
education and renewal requirements.

Why Innovative Foot Relief?

Custom Orthotics Created Specifically For You

Are you struggling with flat feet, pain in your feet (or your knees, hips, back), or do you just need something to get you through your day-to-day? No matter your problem, we have a solution for you. Our team of skilled Pedorthic professionals are here to help you alleviate foot pain, discomfort, or improve your general quality of life. Based on impressions of your own foot, custom orthotics are designed specifically to treat you and your body’s needs.

The Innovative Difference

There’s a good chance that you have tried over the counter insoles or off the rack solutions that just don’t cut it. At Innovative Foot Relief, we strive to learn and understand your specific foot needs. Instead of purchasing generic insoles that don’t have your foot in mind, we involve you in the process of designing and creating an insole tailored to your needs. 

From home, you will take a foam impression of your own feet and send it to our lab. Our lab is equipped with the latest technology to scan your foot impressions and build an orthotic that will be comfortable and, most importantly, effective. We are here to help you with your everyday routine, athletic life, and foot pain. That is the Innovative Difference.


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