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As much as foot pain can affect your life, don’t let it get you down. Comfort and relief begin with a single step!


It's this easy to relieve your foot pain!

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01. Place Your Order.

Find the orthotics that best fits your needs and fill out the information required about your pain and lifestyle. We will send you a foam box impression kit to capture important data about your foot to help us create the best solutions for you.

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02. Production.

Our experts will analyze, design and craft your custom orthotic inserts, based on your impression and data collected from our analysis. This allows for us to conduct in depth research on the problems you are facing and get to know your body completely.

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03. Enjoy!

Upon completion, we will send you the pair of new custom made insoles and be available to assist you over the phone and answer any question you may have. You have our help and support until you are satisfied with the results!


Supporting You Every Step of the Way

At Innovative Foot Relief, we provide our customers with 100% custom made orthotics online that solve almost every type of foot pain; from minor foot problems to chronic debilitating discomfort.

Unlike other companies, we are not here to just sell you an over the counter solution for your pain. Innovative Foot Relief cares about your health and understands the importance of feeling healthy and relieving your unique pain points.

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Custom Made Insoles To Fit Your Needs

Pain Relief

Our custom orthotics shoe inserts for foot pain are based on your footprint and foot shape, and are focused on the cause of your foot pain.


Enhances function and protects your feet by combining custom-made design with sports specific materials.

Every Day Comfort

A perfect combination of comfort and support to improve comfort and posture and help you walk pain-free.

What Makes Us Unique?

Features you will not find anywhere else:

Designed by Pedorthist

All of our orthotics are designed and manufactured in house by our team of top pedorthists and technicians.

Finest materials

Innovative Foot Relief uses top quality material to ensure the comfort and the best foot pain relief solution. All of our material goes through quality control to make sure it provides the best results for you.

Affordable Price

Custom orthotics are almost 50-60% more affordable than having surgery performed to address your issues or going to a physical therapist.

Simple Process

Our fast and easy 3 step process couldn't be simpler, allowing a faster solution to your pain.

Excellent Customer Support

We are here for you every step of the way. Feel free to give us a call or email us any questions you may have!

Satisfaction Guarantee!

All our products come with a 60 day love them guarantee! If your orthotics don't work for you just simply return them!

Success Stories

Great products, fast turn around, and excellent fit! I am a surgeon and stand in a 40 pound lead apron to operate and I needed an expert to help with my aching feet. Innovative Foot Relief did a great job and now my feet are HAPPY!

Martha Boone


These guys are awesome a 100% of the time.  Do not waste time getting foot support done by anyone else.  They manufacture the orthotics right on-site. 95% of places where you might get fitted, do not do it on site. 

Susie Smith

Happy Customer

I’ve had custom orthotics from Innovative Foot Relief about 60 days and my foot pain is gone and weakened ankle muscles are stronger even when barefoot. I am very pleased with the improved functionality, pain elimination and better night’s sleep that I’m getting.  Definitely recommend.

Jim Bird

Happy Customer

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